Les Misérables Marius Throwdown – Nick Jonas v Michael Ball

OK … I am a Michael Ball fan but after finding this video on Youtube I think it proves my point. Listen to this mashup of the performance of Michael Ball from the 10th Anniversary Concert and compare it to Nick Jonas from the 25th Anniversary Concert. IMHO opinion I think it is easy to hear who is the superior Marius.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3OYBCS4AOKF2Q75UJORUW3FZ44 Mike

    LOL–it sure is.  Michael OWNS that song.  How you can even mention Nick Jonas’ name in the same breath is frightening

    • http://www.athomemum.com Bronwyn

      I know … very naughty of me. Michael Ball is just the ultimate Marius. I almost feel sorry for him and Eddie Redmayne (film) … but not quite.