Instagram March 2013 Challenge

Instagram March 2013 Challenge

Yeah! The Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenge is up for March. How did you do? For me not too bad considering … we have had some problems with everyone settling in this month … not surpising as we have alot of change happening at the moment. I took alot of photos but not always as following the suggestion guide. I am hoping I will be better in March …

One thing I did differently was to use the calendar created by Doug. It was great to get the prompts up on my calendar. Made it very easy. This works on iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Mac and PC … well really anything that supports ics. I don’t think they have been created for March … but I will update when they are.

So March here we come … Don’t forget to check out photos below or follow my Instagram feed


  • Hello there, just popping over to say g’day. How are you all going??

    Do I follow you on Instagram?? Must check as I’d love to see your photos. I’m taking a bazillion as ever but not doing the photo a day challenge at the moment. Soon!